Thursday, December 2, 2010


The classroom environment can be a challenging place for students.  A child is more receptive to learning when they feel good about themselves, at home and at school, especially when they can see the results of their efforts in a positive way.

Concentrating, sitting still and listening quietly, are the tasks that some students find most difficult to do yet they are required to do all day long.  It is important as a parent to communicate with teachers to ensure they understand how your child learns and work together on strategies that will best aid in their academic success. 

Working with your child on their organizational skills is essential; a daily routine of going through their backpack, folders, and binders keeps them organized.  Color-coding of folders/binders can be helpful for the student who has difficulty remembering what they need in each subject.  Requesting an extra set of books to be left at home or having access to online textbooks can be a lifesaver for those students who repetitively leave their materials at school.

An academic planner/assignment book is a tool that all students need to incorporate into their daily routine.  Teaching your child to utilize a planner in the correct manner, not only writing down assignments but then creating a check list at the end of the day that is looked at and crossed off to insure proper materials are brought home will significantly increase their productivity.

Homework routine is essential for your child’s success, selecting a time and designating a specific quiet area away from distractions will greatly increase their productivity.  Tackling homework in a step-by-step routine helps the student feel in control and less overwhelmed. 


The marking period is officially over, which means it's an important time to refocus our children on their schoolwork.  As a teacher, I know that most children tend to "relax a bit" with their studies as the winter season approaches.  Keeping our children on track is not always the easiest task.  Lucky for us, there are many options to help our children set clear objectives to do better in school. 

Making homework a priority can significantly improve your child's success in the classroom.  Through many studies, it has been proven that most kids learn best from their peers.  Because of this, New Logic Educators offers Homework-Helpers -- high school honor-roll students and college students -- available to help your child work on their daily homework needs, test preparation, and special projects.  They will learn how to better understand each homework assignment and learn study habits that will help them through the school year. 

Especially this time of year, children are easily distracted.  By providing a common time and place for homework each night, children can develop good study skills.  New Logic Educators also provides One-On-One individualized strategy programs created specifically for your child's educational needs; with this program, a certified teacher will come to your home and focus on your child's particular needs.  Children learn to prioritize and schedule homework assignments, and develop homework skills in the specific subjects they need.